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Diego's BIO

Diego's past is something you would see in a movie, something so unspeakable, but terribly true. He was a troubled kid that grew up without a father figure or his mother. Being Harass, tormented, and also molested at a very young age. Also  neglected by his father's side of the family. One day, they packed all of Diego's clothes up while he was at school, and when he got home they told him that he was leaving. They drove to the CPS office and dropped Diego and his clothes off and drove off. With all of the hurt, anger and strife, Diego remembers feeling hopeless, and depressed. So much so that he wanted to take his own life at the boys home in Lometa, TX where he was placed. Diego’s life was changed when he was Engrafted in to Aaron Blake’s home. After the long chapters of negative things that went on in his life, it was impossible for Diego to allow anyone to get close to him. It was the love of Mary and Aaron Blake that changed this young man’s life. With the six foster boys they had, Aaron and Mary Blake went through and overcame things never, from their very own house being burned down, their cars being stolen by their Engrafted boys, and even doing the basic teenager stuff like leaving in the middle of the night. The Blake’s never mistreated them but always showed them the Love they were never shown. There was never a time that the Blake’s threatened to send them back, and because of the unconditional love they had, it was what truly rectified their lives. Being that Diego went through the ups and downs in his personal life, his primary goal now is to not allow any other child that is fatherless suffer like he did. Diego’s motto that he lives by is, “Save a child, change his destiny.” He is living proof of it working and why he puts so much into it, so one day it will ultimately change the world.
Diego works close with his dad's business “THE KEEP” and “Harvest Family” who is in partnership with New Horizons, Arrow Child & Family Ministries, The Global Orphan Project, Royal Family Kids Camp, Lifeline*children’s services, Bethany, Eckerd and CASA. All these organizations are spreading the story of Aaron Blake aka Pops and Diego to help recruit families and churches to the orphan care ministry. B.I.G Foundation & The Keep's mission is to engage churches by helping them see the orphan crisis in their own backyard and on the other side of the world. They equip churches by walking them through our best practices that prepare their leadership and families for the calling of orphan care. We empower select churches to lead and seed other local churches to take up the orphan care cause. Scripture tells us that the best place for the orphans is in a family.
The B.I.G Foundation and The Keep are intermediaries that build partnerships with organizations involved in foster care, adoption and orphan missions, and connects them with the local church to care for orphans. With over 140 million orphans in the world, we are making it our mission to get these kids to a loving family. The B.I.G Foundation is now using conventional methods to reach the church worldwide. Orphans experience consistent failing love, neglect, abuse, hurt, torture and more. I believe our legacy will be defined by the accomplishment and fearless nature by which each family Engrafting a child into their family and helping us take on the globe and challenging the next family, so we can love the neglect, hurt, torture and abuse out of these amazing children. We believe this will ignite the passion and power in young people and give them a chance to create change for themselves, in their church, in their communities and around the world, just as I, Diego have been doing for the last 5 years.
As President of B.I.G Records & Foundations I approve this message:
Diego Fuller


The BioMost teenagers remember the day they got their license, or their sweet 16, or even prom night. For Diego the most prominent day he remembers is In 2002, when Diego showed up on Pastor Aaron Blake's steps. At that moment in time with all of Diego's emotions sky high, Blake stopped Diego at the door and told him to lose any foster care mentality that he has. He went on to tell him, “You are not a foster child; you are 'Engrafted' into my family." A lesson taught but not learned until almost 10 years later when Diego was 24 years old living out what it means to be “Engrafted”.In 2014 Diego released his second studio album titled “ENGRAFTED”, that Ranked #1 album locally on Reverbnation, #22 in the nation, and also #25 around the globe, he was nominated as "Artist" and "Best Song of the Year." Diego continued that up releasing his 2nd studios album in 2017, titled "Ward of State" that landed him on the Gospel hip hop Billboard charts. As of now Diego the founder & president of B.I.G Records & Foundation, and Aaron Blake founder of Harvest Family Life & The Keep, have joined forces and are now traveling the country empowering the local church to create a culture of families prepared to accept the calling of orphan care. They truly believe that if the church could get involved with the state and help take on fostering and adopting the fatherless, they can save a child and change their destiny, just as Bishop Aaron Blake did with 6 foster boys including Diego himself.

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